Web Link Calls: Hassle-free customer interactions from anywhere around the world

Hong Kong, 7 February 2020

Stephen, a general manager of a fintech company, is on a business trip in Italy at the moment. Just when he is checking news and updates on his phone, his phone suddenly rings with an SMS coming in from his home bank in Hong Kong. 

The bank, in the SMS, notifies Stephen of a suspicious transaction on his credit card. As soon as he reads the message, Stephen wants to verify the transaction with the bank to avoid any financial burden of unauthorized charges, but he wonders how to get connected with the bank without having to pay for an IDD call. 

However, the bank in Hong Kong has already had it covered – they have embedded in the SMS a web link call for Stephen to call back from wherever he is. The web link call is all but one of the cutting-edge features of maaiiConnect that the bank leverages to provide hassle-free customer service to their global customers. 

Geographical boundaries are never a hindrance to achieving seamless customer interactions and global customer reach of your brand. Stephen can now enjoy the peace of mind to manage his wealth with the bank wherever he is.