maaiiConnect calls: Peace-of-mind solutions

for online shopaholics

Hong Kong, 3 February 2020

Meet Janice. 

Janice is an online shopaholic. Fashion items, home accessories, food… everything she has, she orders them from online stores for convenience. 

Her only concern is that she might fall out of reach to foreign online shopping platforms when she has urgent enquiries. To her surprise, she has recently had an extraordinary experience with an Australian online store, even for a seasoned shopper like her.

maaiiConnect Calls Make Versatile Customer Engagement

Janice is once interested in a health supplement from the Australian shop, but she still has some questions over the product before she can confidently place an order. As she clicks on maaiiConnect widget installed on the online shop’s website, a directory pops up where she can make enquiries with the service team, as well as exchange chat messages and screen shots about ingredients. To articulate her questions better, she even joins a maaiiConnect call with the service team even though she is outside Australia. When the web call is over, Janice places an order right away.  

E-commerce is accelerating at an unprecedented rate all over the world, and providing quality touch point experience for visitors can be a business's competitive edge. The feature of maaiiConnect calls expands e-retailing brands’ global reach and enables versatile customer service. This agile feature translates your customer conversation into enhanced brand loyalty and recurring sales on your e-commerce stores.