Quest for an Exciting Dining Experience -
with QR Code Calls

Hong Kong, 7 February 2020

Hong Kong is regarded as one of the exciting and diverse culinary capitals in the world, enticing many a global discerning gourmets like Mr. and Mrs. Jennings from the United States. 

When travelling on the street, the Jennings look up and see two restaurant billboards respectively for molecular gastronomy and multi-sensory dining. Feeling intrigued by both, they plan to check out reservation of the two restaurants to decide which to visit. 

Nimble reservation via QR code calls 

To make a call to the molecular gastronomy restaurant, Mr. Jennings takes out his phone and opens the calling app. Unfamiliar with Hong Kong’s area code and phone number, he has to carefully follow the contact number on the billboard, dial the number on his dial pad and check it repeatedly before he makes a call. 

On the other hand, the multi-sensory restaurant can be reserved via maaiiConnect’s QR code calls on the billboard. Mrs. Jennings puts up her phone camera to scan it. Within a second, she is already prompted to a call with the multi-sensory restaurant. A reservation is thus settled one step ahead of Mr. Jennings. In the end, they have an eye-opening dinner with an exceptional booking process, leaving Hong Kong with an unforgettable finish of their journey. 

Make a difference in global reach 

In a world that competes for customer-centric service, discerning brands adopt QR code calls to stand out from the competition. It is an all-powerful web-based feature that creates a seamless experience for global customers in the physical world despite their various cellular networks. Be amazed by the difference a smoother customer experience can make to your sales performance, even a second can make a difference.