Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

Our Service Commitment

maaiiconnect’s carrier-grade contractual Service Level Agreement (SLA) assures an annual uptime of 99.95% with real-time service delivery, monitoring, and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. High-performance connections and availability are achieved through our globally-distributed IP network comprising strategically positioned points of presence (PoPs) and direct interconnections with over 160 tier-1 telecom carriers and mobile operators worldwide. 


Annual Uptime Guarantee

SLA for maaiiconnect

Response time for PRO and BUSINESS plans*

Fault Severity LevelResponse Time
CriticalWithin 1 hour (24x7)
Degraded ServiceWithin 2 hours (24x7)
General Issue / EnquiryWithin 3 business hours

Response time for Essentials plan

Fault Severity LevelResponse Time
General Issue / EnquiryWithin 1 business day

For Enterprise plan, SLA can be modified in relation to specific customer requirements.

Definition of Fault Severity Level:
* Critical: A complete loss of service or a significant feature rendered completely unavailable.
* Degraded Service: An intermittent issue or reduced quality of service.
* General Issue / Enquiry: General questions and requests on product and features.

SLA for Toll-free, Local Numbers, IDD, SMS

Definition of Fault Severity Level

Fault Severity LevelService Affected
Critical100% of service affected
MajorOver 50% of service affected
MinorLess than 50% of service affected

Response & Restoration Time of Different Fault Levels

Fault Severity LevelResponse Time*Restoration Time*
CriticalWithin 1 hourWithin 4 hours
MajorWithin 1 hourWithin 8 hours
MinorWithin 2 hoursWithin 12 hours

* Response time is defined as the period between the time at which a fault is reported to M800’s fault report point, and the time at which M800 acknowledges the fault reported as valid.
* Restoration time is defined as the period between the time at which M800 acknowledges the fault reported as valid within M800's network (and begins the troubleshooting process), and the time at which M800 has cleared the fault and restored the service to the nominal performance level.

What’s included in the ESSENTIALS Plan
  • Web Widget
  • Voice & Video Calls*
  • Chat & Group Space
  • Insights

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