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Engage your global customers in real-time over live chat and online calls.  

Our free, web-based solution allows your customers to reach you instantly. Anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

maaiiConnect - A multimedia convergence platform that empowers digital transformation

Jumpstart your company’s digital transformation! Our secure, carrier-grade communication solution helps boost your global, distributed workforce’s productivity by letting them engage with their peers and their customers anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Set up collaborative discussions with best-in-class web calls, video calls, and call conferences. Share ideas faster with instant messaging and group chat. Let your worldwide clients engage with your without worrying about international call numbers or relying on multiple standalone apps. Track and manage your customers and employees in real time, and enjoy full visibility and control of all your engagements.

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Web Widget

 Call from Web Widget

 Chat from Web Widget

 Multiple Site Support

Voice & Video Calls

  Inbound & Outbound maaiiConnect Calls*


Video Call** 

  Call Conferencing** 

  Screen Sharing** 

  Call Recording**


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Smart Messaging

 Instant Messaging 

  File Sharing



  Visitor Profile and Journey


Reporting and Analytics 

  Call Metrics

  Chat History


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Other Engage Essentials Features 

Omnichannel Capabilities

Productivity Management   


Contacts Management

  Staff Management


Branding and Personalisation   

  Pre-chat Survey and Contact Us

 Sponsored Video Ads***

  Widget Icons

Device Accessibility 


Calls and Chat via

      Web Dashboard*


Calls and Chat via     

      Mobile App*

  iOS Compatibility 
  Android Compatibility

  Multi-Device Support


maaiiConnect Guarantee   


M800's proprietary globally distributed

  Carrier-grade 99.95% SLA

  Data protection and encryption compliance

  24/7 email and chat support (English and

* Applicable only in the following territories: Australia, China, Singapore, UK, and USA 
** Coming soon
*** maaiiConnect video ad may be displayed from time to time

Engage Essentials Ecosystem

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Our free, web-based solution allows your customers to reach you instantly. Anytime, anywhere, and on any device.