M800 Team 

Together, we make a difference.

Revolutionising Telecommunications

With a vision to transform global communications, M800 was founded by telecommunications pioneers in 2007. Today, the global company is composed of more than 200 professionals across Hong Kong and Taiwan that support M800’s global network and proprietary infrastructure.

We bring together a group of professionals that are passionate about improving the way people interact and forge connections across the world. Every day, we inspire each other to do better and create synergy.

We are:






Our Guiding Principles 

Empirical Thinking

Our work and progress are rooted in facts, experience, and evidence.


Our employees across all levels and departments are united by a common goal.


We foster a culture collaboration by providing effective communication channels.


We encourage everyone to share knowledge, updates, and feedback.

M800 Information System  

Our searchable database distributes valuable information across the company.

Company Culture  

Our efficient internal communication channels bring our company culture to life.


We embrace change and constant feedback to continue improving our products and services.


We employ agile development practices to deliver reliable products and services more effectively.

Professional Development Team

Peter Chan
Founder & CEO

Alessio Ghignone
Product Development

CH Mak
Fixed Network & Third-Party Integration

Cleo Li 
Network & Signalling

Cliff Kuo  
System Architecture

Cyrus Tsang
Global Mobile Network

Gary Ma
Software Product Management

George Chung
IT Security & MIPS Operation

KK Luk
Operations & After-Sales Service

Vincent Chan

Let's Create Something Amazing Together!