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Banking & Finance

Advanced communications support to enhance efficiency, compliance, and customer experiences.

The Challenge

Regulated organisations like private banks, commercial banks, and credit card companies require a complete record of all transactions to create an audit trail.

The Transformation

maaiiConnect supports clients with pre- and post-sales services. Our powerful communications platform empowers financial institutions with a comprehensive suite of features to balance cost, regulations, and confidentiality against the backdrop of a fast-changing digital landscape.

How Financial Institutions Benefit from maaiiConnect 


Identification and authentication for all unique users.

Virtual Calling 

Enable global customers to call low-cost local numbers.

File Sharing

Share and access information from anywhere in the world.

Full Audit Trail

Trace and record all detailed transactions.


Capture, export, and analyse valuable data.

Instant Messaging

Engage your customers on their preferred platforms.

Secure File Management

Store and secure valuable data in our cloud.


Centralise staff and client contact details.


Send thousands of messages per minute without delay.

Call Recording  

Track and monitor all calls to ensure quality.

Use Case for Banking & Finance Industry

For the pre-sales / post-sales support by using maaiiConnect

Capability Used


Call Recording

CRM Integration

Smart Messaging


Dynamic Routing

Video Call/Screen sharing

Mobile SDK


Virtual Number

Total Solutions 

Call Center

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Virtual Number

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