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Business Engagement for Customers & Staff

Customer Engagement
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Every Touch Point Matters

Leverage maaiiconnect to intelligently manage digital banking volumes, create more efficient communication processes, and meet customer expectations for personalised interactions with trusted advisors.

Connect customers to the right staff, right away

Configure smart routing to always connect customers to the right staff based on the parameters you choose, and offer easier options for travelling customers to reach your staff without international call charges. 

Communication context across channels

Empower faster, easier communication with clients and customers across telecom and digital channels. Connect virtual numbers, send international SMS campaigns, engage customers on Facebook Messenger - bring them all together with maaiiconnect in one platform, and ensure seamless experiences from channel to channel with centralised data and customer history at your fingertips. 

Omnichannel data to convert leads to customers

Research shows that when financial businesses and banks use analytics to better understand their customer behaviours and improve customer outcomes, profitability drastically increases. maaiiconnect’s reports and insights gives a comprehensive overview of all communications across channels to aid in better planning, resource allocation, skill training, and manpower scheduling. 

Future-proof Communications

Don’t lose customer data and communication history when staff leave the company and protect your business from hefty fines imposed by government bodies if staff so much as delete a WhatsApp message from a client – by converging all communication into maaiiconnect. 

Keep control over your messaging history

Own all our staff communication with clients and customers - even if they leave the company. Create a smoother transition for customers to a new account manager with no lost context. 

Call recording

Easily activate call recording for record keeping, and access records securely and remotely through the cloud.

Time to market

Reduce the time and manpower needed to expand. maaiiconnect is scalable, borderless, cloud-based, and accessible from anywhere, from any device, and at any time.  

Safe, Secure, and Compliant

Protect your data with maaiiconnect’s encrypted channels, and show your customers they can trust you with their money and personal information. 

Data retention

Tailor-made data retention packages can be designed for compliance with your unique industry or regulated data retention guidelines. 

Advanced password policies & authentication

Safeguard your system with advanced policies like login restrictions, password guidelines, and two-factor authentication. Set roles and permissions for data access levels of all your users, and monitor any changes or suspicious activity with detailed audit logs.

Certified and compliant

maaiiconnect was designed with security top of mind. ISO9001 and ISO27001 certified, and GDPR compliant, maaiiconnect is a secure solution that uses the latest and most advanced encryption and security standards available. 

Don’t just connect with your clients and customers. 
maaiiconnect with them

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Angus is an experienced senior executive in business development, account management and project management for multinational financial, IT Banking, payment and start-ups for over 15years. Passionate about developing strategies to digitally transform with 5G and Industry 4.0, he is well connected in the financial industry as a go-to for new market solutions. 


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High Security & Compliance

ISO9001, ISO27001, GDPR compliant

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Top Tier Customer Support

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Carrier Grade Quality Guarantee

Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.95%