In recent years the retail sector has undergone remarkable changes. The necessity of a physical storefront has been eradicated due to the growing phenomenon of e-commerce resulting from shifts in consumer spending habits. This has also removed the previously crucial, in-person interactions that were traditionally indispensable to any shopper. In the modern B2C world, customer service has undergone major changes and is increasingly leveraging on digital touchpoints to replace the physical interactions that once existed.

This use case involves a popular online fashion retailer with heavy global traffic. It has a purely digital presence that necessitates above par customer service to engender valuable information, empathy, and most importantly, a memorable experience for repeat business. Visitors and customers would contact agents through various communication channels that included a chat widget embedded in the website, over 40 virtual phone numbers (mix of toll-free and local) for international calls, and different emails. According to the visitors’ chosen means of contact, they would be connected to the most eligible customer service representatives based on geography and language.


The online retailer’s original communication system consisted of several pain points. The functions of the original chat widget were limited to instant messaging, not only making the conversations between visitors and agents slow and lengthy, but also limiting the ability to relay emotions and expressions, which are often fundamental to sound customer service. Email addresses were fragmented with the aim to direct enquiries to specific representatives based on language, but proved to be confusing in practice. In addition, the virtual phone numbers had different providers, which burdened vendor management and required the counterproductive task of aggregating and standardizing the various call reports and configurations. This was a decentralized approach that undermined the retailer’s operational efficiency, reputation, and bottom line.


The online retailer implemented maaiiconnect, a one-stop communications solution, to meet their objectives of having a more unified and efficient communications system that ultimately boosted conversion. maaiiconnect seamlessly incorporated all virtual phone numbers, an easy to install and use chat widget with audio and video call capabilities, and an innovative QR code feature that could be used digitally and in print as an additional channel for visitors and customers.


Upon adopting maaiiconnect, the online retailer was able to realize their vision of redesigning and creating a compelling, modern shopping experience. It centralized all customer communications into a single platform, enabling queries to be managed more effectively by their customer service team.

Customers are now able to access the chat widget through the simple click of a button on the website, opening the door for more convenient and dynamic interactions in the form of instant messaging, combined with voice and video calls. The addition of voice and video calls enables a more personal touch where emotional and visual cues can be shared, allowing agents to convey empathy and minimize incidences of misinterpretation.

Customer service improved significantly as enquiries are routed intelligently and accurately, based on language, location, and time, to the most eligible agents. The enquiries can be directed to the maaiiconnect dashboard or mobile app, and any landline or mobile number across the world, offering complete flexibility for the agents to provide service on any device, anytime and anywhere. All communications monitoring, analytics, and reporting are now fully integrated and centralized, allowing for a more cohesive system for the retailer to track and analyze. 

In the highly competitive retail landscape with rapidly-evolving consumer demands and behavior, outstanding customer service is of paramount importance. maaiiconnect provided a complete solution that prioritizes the end-to-end customer experience and is proven in driving conversions.

What’s included in the Essentials Plan
  • Web Widget
  • Voice & Video Calls*
  • Chat & Group space
  • Insights

*This feature only supports the maaiiconnect calls.