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Capture customer data to identify, understand, and influence your customers

Activate Dynamic Customer Responses

M800 seamlessly bridges digital and telecom networks to capture data for our users and partners. maaiiConnect Identity is a user profile–oriented cloud-based service. It aims to build a unified profile for each maaiiConnect platform user from anywhere using any login mechanisms. By leveraging M800’s global IP network and carrier-grade telecommunication network infrastructures, the Identity service aggregates user information and usage characteristics into a multi-dimensional user profile. This helps enterprises make decisions based on big data when a new event is introduced.

Our proprietary infrastructure and global IP network mean that we not only have complete control over captured data but also have the flexibility to quickly adapt to third-party changes. Behaviour over time determines a user’s online integrity and subsequent reliability across our network.

Are Your Customers Getting the Support They Deserve? 

 Are your staff correctly identifying callers?

 Is a lack of information limiting your customer service?

Are your customer requests ending up in the right hands?

 Are you correctly following up on customer queries?

 Are your customer connections slow and unreliable?

Are your targeting customers based on proven insights?

How IDENTITY Can Help your Business 


Capture users’ information, location, activities, social networks, and more.


Visualise patterns and relationships with standardised reports.

Understand Needs

Build a multi-dimensional profile to anticipate customer needs.

Unique Profile

Correctly identify customers at every touch point across our network.


Access our platform from anywhere using any login method.

Safe & Secure

Protect your customers with data encryption and data access.

Customer Value

Adjust your service logic in real time to improve customer experience.

Phonebook Matching

Match incoming calls with numbers stored on your database.

Customer First

Provide dynamic services based on customers’ status and behaviour.


Distinguish valuable customer insights from robot activity.

Easy Access

Get everything you need to know in just a few clicks.

IDENTITY: What You Need to Know

maaiiConnect’s Identity module applies the latest technologies to help clients extract and optimise customer data to provide customers with the best possible experience.  

Smart Routing

maaiiConnect enables directories with more than one destination so enquiries can be routed based on a caller’s location, language, time zone, and previous queries. The directory is generated based on a caller’s website language and location. Only tags matched to a destination are visible.

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Big Data & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The sheer amount of data mined through our network allows us to capture valuable data from a single portal, and continue learning about and subsequently predict customer behaviour. Machine learning builds models and patterns that organise user states, devices states, network states, and user activities.

We can also help companies identify fraudulent activities by flagging discrepancies between a user’s past and current sessions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Data models that categorise device states and characteristics in different situations for different industries enable our clients to offer better solutions. The aim is to improve service speed and reliability for digital devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices.

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