Companies across industries depend on call centres to handle their inbound and outbound telephone-based customer communications. While once considered a cost-effective measure for companies with a simple goal of operating efficiently, call centres are now shifting towards a customer-centric approach as companies become more aware of the degree customer satisfaction shape their reputations. The notion of being customer-centric relies not only on the agents’ interaction with customers but also the technology used.

Typically stationed together in a workspace, call centre agents handle a variety of customer service support and inquiries while relying heavily on a traditional phone system infrastructure (PBX) with virtual phone numbers set up for receiving calls from designated countries. The backbone of this type of system comprises standalone call centre-specific solutions designed to manage call routing, interactive voice response (IVR), and monitor agent activity. For all internal communication, separate internal collaboration tools are usually used.



In light of recent events, namely COVID-19, work from home was widely implemented across the world to curb the spread of the virus. The sudden implementation of remote office and social distancing posed several challenges to call centres, which given the situation, became more critical to organisations now faced with a rise in complex customer interactions.

In order to work normally and effectively, agents have to answer calls from home and make international calls when necessary. Moreover, supervisors are required to keep a centralized visibility on all incoming enquiries, understand how they are being handled in real time, and monitor the performance of all agents and access call reports. Agents and supervisors also need to remotely communicate with each other through chat or calls. Additional features such as call routing and number masking (i.e., change of caller ID) are essential but their availability are limited to the existing traditional phone systems.

Traditional phone systems lack the sophistication and capacity to cope with unexpected changes and tackle the above challenges, posing as an obstacle to a remote workforce. If working from home, the agents would not have at their disposable the full range of PBX features normally available at their workspace. COVID-19 highlights the clear flaws of the legacy call centre systems, proving them to be highly inflexible at a time that requires customer service versatility and continuity.



maaiiconnect was considered by our customer as an all-in-one solution to overcome the challenges of a decentralised and inflexible traditional call centre system. A turnkey solution that is easy to set up, maaiiconnect can single-handedly provide and manage virtual phone numbers from over 150 countries, softphone for outbound international calls, live chat for customer interaction, intelligent call routing, number masking, and call analytics and reports. From an internal collaboration standpoint, maaiiconnect offers video calls, screen sharing and conference calls capabilities to boost productivity, even when working separately and from a distance. All of the features and capabilities are conveniently and securely hosted on the cloud, enabling our customer to adjust to any scenario, anytime, and anywhere.


maaiiconnect was deployed within minutes and with no capital expenditure to allow agents and supervisors to swiftly resume their roles from home. Agents are able to answer all inbound enquiries through the maaiiconnect dashboard or mobile app with the only prerequisite of an internet connection. The built-in intelligent routing system ensures customers are connected to the right agents on first contact by analysing language, location, and time data. The dashboard is fully centralized, so supervisors can have a holistic view of all incoming enquiries from all channels, each agent’s handling process, and detailed analytics on call performance and agent output. Internal collaboration is integrated out-of-the-box so the agents and their supervisors can work together on the same dashboard. Through the same powerful dashboard, all routing options (for calls, virtual phone numbers, and live chat enquiries) are fully available and customizable, allowing the call centre itself to dynamically navigate any scenario. As a bonus, number masking can be conveniently managed at the agent level, directly from the dashboard or the mobile app, without involving any changes on the traditional PBX.

Outstanding customer service is simply not enough without the backing of the appropriate technologies. The agility, flexibility, and user-friendliness of maaiiconnect allow the agents and supervisors of call centres to work in sync with state-of-the-art technology to reach their full potential, and ultimately take customer service to the next level during the most trying times.

What’s included in the ESSENTIALS Plan
  • Web Widget
  • Voice & Video Calls*
  • Chat & Group space
  • Insights

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