WeChat integration

Considering WeChat integration? WeChat is a crucial component of any global engagement strategy for businesses with international customers. Attracting 1.17 billion worldwide users, WeChat reaches many people that other channels cannot. It also needs a separate community strategy to be an effective channel.

While WeChat offers a plethora of opportunities for business, it’s not an easy channel to handle. And WeChat integration can make it a lot easier.

What struggles do global businesses face when managing WeChat?

Uncertain outlook of WeChat

2020 marked a bumpy ride for WeChat, being banned in India and almost in the U.S due to worsening diplomatic disputes. The uncertain political future makes WeChat vulnerable – and businesses feel they’ll need a “shockproof” alternative to ensure stable engagement with the Chinese demographic.

A delicate balancing act between WeChat and global audiences

WeChat is a key gateway to a huge market for foreign businesses. Yet between WeChat and global audiences, international companies are stretched too thin to maintain their worldwide engagement.

Firstly, Chinese WeChat Official Accounts come with fuller functionality than overseas Official Accounts, but local Chinese phone numbers, identities and native personal WeChat accounts are required to access Chinese WeChat and other support platforms. Secondly, businesses on WeChat shouldn’t just translate their international content with minor effort, but create standalone marketing strategies, which can hardly be achieved without a dedicated team for the Chinese market.

Missing out on WeChat’s social networking power

Many businesses end up forgetting about the true power of WeChat: its massive social network.

WeChat has grown with ever-deepening penetration among the Chinese people, and is a super app with over a billion users depending on it for their day-to-day lives:

Live streaming on WeChat mini shops

For global businesses which only blast content (sharing articles) as their engagement strategy and do little else, they will mostly lose followers overall and risk alienating the brand from local consumers.

With endless social activities happening every minute, true WeChat marketing strategy revolves around customer interaction. And instant customer service on WeChat is what you’ll need to support it all.

What are the options for customer service on WeChat?

  1. In-built Customer Service feature on WeChat’s backend

The in-built Customer Service feature allows WeChat customers to send a message or multimedia file to agent.

Brands can easily answer enquiries and collaborate from the backend

However, the feature only provides lightweight customer service functions:

  • No new message alert: Operators can only notice inbound WeChat messages by refreshing the dashboard, making live interaction with customers almost impossible.
  • No customer segmentation: You can star important followers, but this hardly counts as a function of segmentation. As your fan base grows, it will only get messier without a CRM.
  • Limited data retention: When a message comes in, the dashboard can only store it for 5 days, causing data loss for businesses.

2. Subscribe to third-party platforms in China

Many businesses therefore subscribe to third-party customer service platforms in China as an alternative. As user-friendly as they seem, you may need to consider their global accessibility (i.e. many require local phone numbers or Chinese payment methods). Also, without proper CRM integration, your communication data will be scattered on different third-party platforms.

3. Self-develop a customer service platform

Established businesses with a strong focus on engaging Chinese customers may consider tailoring a platform that meets your requirements. However, this approach takes a longer time, greater investment and maintenance to build such platforms.

WeChat integration with CINNOX for easy, powerful global customer engagement

Being present on WeChat may take extra adaptation and strategy, but it doesn’t mean you have to lose your cool juggling between WeChat and other channels! CINNOX provides an easy, powerful omnichannel engagement solution, so you can boldly connect with the Chinese customers alongside your other markets. WeChat integration with CINNOX makes customer engagement easy!

  1. Instant and full visibility to WeChat: Through the power of omnichannel, you won’t miss a WeChat message when enquiries of all channels come into visibility on one single interface with clear message alerts.
  2. Global accessibility: Your globally distributed team can access and attend to WeChat messages anywhere on any device, without jumping hoops to stay logged onto a WeChat dashboard.
  3. Rich multimedia interaction: While WeChat only supports live chat and limited media sharing, CINNOX levels up your interaction with the hybrid use of calls and screen sharing with web link and QR codes.
  4. Keeping the right customers: Leverage our inbuilt contact management tools to segment customer profiles with multi-level tags or integrate your own CRM system.
  5. The best agent for each customer: Develop deeper customer relationships efficiently by ensuring every WeChat customer is connected to the right person, so you can cater to an influx of inbound enquiries with efficiency.
  6. Collaborative customer engagement: Empower all your agents to deliver outstanding and seamless customer experience with group chats and chat transfer.
  7. Secure and compliant: The platform ensures every customer interaction, from chat log to shared media, on WeChat is properly stored. Not even your agents can edit it themselves.

WeChat integration is now available on CINNOX! Simply start a chat with us today and learn about our ready-to-go solution to deliver seamless customer engagement on WeChat and global scale.

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