Recruitment interview

A digitally evolving landscape: Recruitment agencies partner with employers or organisations to source and match the best candidates for their job vacancies. From start to finish, whether devising a recruitment plan, setting up interviews or candidate onboarding, the recruiter facilitates the entire process. The engagement method chosen by the recruiter throughout talent acquisition is vital and has transformed in recent years due to digitalisation. From a job seeker’s perspective, this has given them more control, altering their experiences and evolving their expectations. Being digitally native, they now expect real-time interactions and seamless experiences. On the other hand, agencies have found themselves adapting their practices to maintain competitive advantage.

The search, whether for a new role or to fill in an existing position, usually starts online, making online recruitment a top method for candidate sourcing. One method to effectively engage with job seekers is to integrate a live chat and call web widget on the recruiter’s website.

Enhancing Experience with Live Chat and Calls

The maaiiconnect web widget is a simple yet powerful addition to any website. With just a simple copy-and-paste code, the communication widget is deployed within a minute, instantly offering real-time interaction between job seekers and recruitment staff.

Whether job seekers choose to engage over live chat or call using the web widget, the recruiter is able to immediately connect and establish a relationship, providing the best possible online engagement experience. This easy and intuitive channel of communication improves reachability with its convenience and removal of any geographical constraints. 
Cohesive branding is maintained with full customisation of design and welcome greeting giving the website a unique touch with added approachability.

Benefits for Recruiters

The integration of the maaiiconnect web widget is a powerful communications solution for recruiters to modernise their practice. Serving as an additional communication channel, the widget is non-intrusive yet effective in encouraging interaction and establishing relationships. Increased engagement brings more relevant applications as prospects gain more clarity on job openings and recruiters can use the opportunity to screen, minimising time spent filtering out irrelevant applications.

The recruitment landscape is filled with fierce competition as hiring managers often work with several agencies and the integration of maaiiconnect web widget offers greater connection, speed and overall satisfaction.  

Benefits for Job Seekers 

The additional user-friendly communication channel generates a smoother engagement journey. In their job hunt, candidates work with immediacy and when their enquiries are immediately addressed and answered through live chat or a simple web call, a significant amount of time is saved.

Queries answered instantly establish a greater amount of trust and authenticity, putting the candidate at ease when working with the recruiter. Some prospects may find live chat less daunting than a call, making this communication channel indispensable.

Conversations Leading to Conversions

In the recruitment industry, attracting quality talent and organisations is akin to growing the business.

The maaiiconnect web widget is a valuable and innovative communication channel beneficial to both recruiters and job seekers. By elevating communication, more conversations turn into conversions and job seekers become candidates.

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