We think your business is amazing, but you may also be attracting the interest of online threats. maaiiconnect has launched several new features in the latest update to help you build the backbone of your data protection strategy.

Security is top of mind for most organisations and consumers, and increasing in importance considerably. In the first half of 2020, the number of data breaches and security incidents has already doubled that of 2019. New Zealand has been targeted by over 3,000 cyberattacks in 6 months which has caused the national stock exchange to go offline for several days, WeChat and TikTok were targeted by the US government over security concerns, 130 of the most popular Twitter Accounts were hacked, and 500,000 Zoom passwords were stolen from the platform and sold online.

Since its launch, maaiiconnect has aimed to revolutionise global communications with a secure hybrid cloud, omnichannel platform that combines telecom and digital channels for organisations of all sizes and sectors. Leading the way, maaiiconnect has further enhanced its security capabilities with new features to facilitate organisations to build the backbone of their security strategy:

Access Controls

Set advanced password policies for staff to automatically require a change of password, limit the use of similar passwords, lock staff out after a specified number of failed logins, set Blocklists and Allowlists for traffic, and require Two-factor Authentication.

Organisation Structure’ has been launched as a unique feature of maaiiconnect wherein organisations can build a full organisational structure which not only acts as a cross-departmental/office/team contact list, but an additional layer of security. Admins can set or create access and permission levels for data and features on maaiiconnect.

Activity Tracking

Track staff activity records for a comprehensive overview of changes made to the system or suspicious activity.

Industry Compliance

Data retention solutions, regarding the storage, backup, and transit of customer data to client servers, can be tailored for compliance to different industry standards. These organisations now also have access to generate encryption keys within maaiiconnect for high-yet levels of encryption security. Industry compliance can be custom built to suit different industry standards worldwide.

maaiiconnect is a flexible and scalable solution to support organisations of all sizes sectors in their digital transformation journey. Your customers and partners trust their communication data in your hands. maaiiconnect is the tool that leads the way in enabling organisations to transform their customer experiences across touchpoints, and build strong customer relationships, with advanced security capabilities.

Don’t lose customers due to data-breaches or being forced offline. Protect your future by securing it today with maaiiconnect.

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