On behalf of the team at maaiiconnect – WELCOME! maaiiconnect was created to help businesses like yours engage and build deeper connections with their customers.

We make customer engagement simple! So to get started, we’ve put together this little guide on what to do once you have registered your account.

Getting familiar with the dashboard

With so many amazing features and capabilities in one interface, we understand it may be a little overwhelming. So please use this chance to get familiar with the dashboard layout and terminologies!

Explore it for yourself – but just in case, here are some brief introductions to help you along the way.

Enquiry OverviewLive overview of all customer enquiries, categorised by open, currently handling, missed, and closed.
WorkspaceYour communications hub! Talk to colleagues and support customers in the Workspace.

– Chat rooms for staff to staff, staff to customer
– Enquiry handling, transfers, closing tickets
– Group chats
– Conferencing
– Phone book (contacts)
– Outbound dialling
Contact ManagementThe place to create, upload, manage and view all of your staff users and external contacts.

– Staff account management
– External lead/customer management
– Staff weblinks and QR codes
DestinationsSet up and manage groups of staff users or phone numbers to receive incoming enquiries based on routing settings. Destinations are the final destination for every incoming enquiry on different channels.

– Destinations and incoming enquiry routing settings
ChannelsThe centralised page for all your customer-facing channels.

– Web Communications Widget directory (tags/call to action buttons + Staff directory)
– Weblinks and QR codes
– Virtual numbers and service numbers (phone numbers)
– WhatsApp Business
– Facebook Messenger
– WeChat Official Account
CampaignsStart an SMS or Smart Calling (automatic dialling) campaign for mass worldwide outreach.

– SMS campaigns, templates
– Smart calling campaigns
ReportsA comprehensive range of reports and insights, with live updates on performance, campaigns, and staff usage.

– Enquiry and communications reports
– Visitor reports
– Staff reports
My PlanManage your plan, subscription and billing details, and even buy additional staff licences or channels such as WhatsApp.

– Plan monitoring
– Marketplace to purchase add-ons
– Invoicing
– Rate table
AdministrationManage all the backend and security for your maaiiconnect usage.

– Widget customisation
– Visitor forms
– Widget installation
– Call recording files and settings
– Storage
– Organisation structure
– Roles and permissions settings
– Password settings
– Service and Data Security
– Audit logs
My AccountEdit and update your own personal account details.

Explore the “Get Started” button

In the top menu bar, you’ll see a “Get Started 0%” button. Here we’ve put together a nifty string of activities to help you practice making a call, starting a chat, and more. Once you’re done, you’ll have a good insight into how to do some of the basic communication features of maaiiconnect to be better prepared when you start engaging customers!

Add your staff – Create Staff Accounts

Depending on your plan, there is a set minimum number of staff licences. Licences are purchased to represent access for one of your staff members to a maaiiconnect account.

ESSENTIALS (free plan) – 5 staff licences included

PRO – 3 staff licences minimum

BUSINESS – 10 staff licences minimum

Say for example you have 20 customer support staff that you want to handle enquiries, 1 Finance Manager to oversee the billing and usage costs, as well as yourself to track staff performance and KPIs, then you would purchase 22 licences for the 22 people you wish to have accounts for.

For a detailed guide on creating staff accounts:

Creating new staff accounts – maaiiconnect user manual

Creating a successful team on maaiiconnect with strong security settings – maaiiconnect blog

Create Destinations

After adding your staff to maaiiconnect, you can create Destinations – groups or teams of staff dedicated to supporting a particular type of enquiry or purpose. Destinations are the final end point for all incoming enquiries (unless an enquiry is incoming for 1 particular staff member only).

For example, if you have English speaking and French speaking support teams, you could create 2 Destinations. One for the English speaking support staff, and one for the French speaking support staff.

It’s also here where you configure the routing settings for that Destination – for example ensuring that all incoming enquiries from French speaking countries or from customers with their device or browser set to French, will be connected to the French Speaking Destination.

Creating Destinations – maaiiconnect user manual

Creating Destinations Video Tutorial – maaiiconnect video centre

Set up “Channels

Now that you have your staff, Destinations, and routing settings set up to handle and distribute incoming enquiries – you’re ready to set up your customer-facing channels!

maaiiconnect provides a wide range of channels for you to attract, convert, and retain customers. Read more: What is omnichannel?

All of your channels are centralised under the “Channels” tab.


This applies to your web communications widget. The directory is the list of tags, also known as Call to Action buttons, that your customers will see on the widget interface. They will choose one of these to click on and launch a chat or call with your staff. Read more about the directory

Start by creating tags for your widget and connecting them to a Destination, before you can launch the widget on your site. To install the widget on your website, visit our manual>>>


Virtual numbers: If you don’t have a virtual number, click on “Purchase” to talk with one of our sales to set one up. They will do all the nitty gritty to get it on your account.

Service numbers: Add your own phone number so you can make calls from the maaiiconnect dashboard.


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