Get prepared for the biggest holiday season ever – at least in the digital realm. With covid-19 and social distancing keeping people at home, online shopping is booming – and set to do so even more in the led up to the holidays. Google is predicting that 75% of consumers will do their 2020 holiday shopping online, while 55% of businesses are investing more in e-commerce upgrades to manage the increase.

The average customer, still conscious of a turbulent 2020, has fast become a digital native and master of online shopping to get the best experiences and bargains. They know where to shop, what CX they love, and have high expectations for retailers to deliver. They never want to repeat themselves yet may contact a brand on multiple channels, and want a seamless flow from touchpoint to touchpoint. They crave personalised experiences, change their mind quickly, and want instant answers. If they can’t get it now, they will go somewhere else.

To help businesses like yours move customers from ads, to browsing products, to checkouts as quickly and freely as possible, maaiiconnect has put together a checklist to ease your holiday sales preparation and make the most of the season.

9 steps for sales success

  1. Add web links or QR codes for call & chat to EDMs, social media ads, or offline ads to empower direct orders and reduce the number of steps in a purchase journey.
  2. Add a live support widget to your website and connect with customers to give them personalised support and guide them to purchase.
  3. Integrate Facebook Messenger, WeChat and WhatsApp with your chat and contact forms to manage all the conversations on one dashboard.
  4. Launch global SMS campaigns easily and affordably. SMS campaigns remain the most effective and engaging marketing tool, leverage maaiiconnect to create personalised campaigns, templates, and add chat/call links for instant sales.
  5. Know your customer – see who is making an enquiry, and track customer browsing history and journey across channels with real-time data such as location and channel right before you start the conversation.
  6. Tailor special offers and recommendations, send them personalised news, updates, coupons and more with omnichannel messaging.
  7. Be responsive without being glued to your desktop, utilise the maaiiconnect mobile app on a preferred device from anywhere, any time. Connect with visitors instantly, share promotions and discounts, provide product demos on video call, and make sure your customers never miss a thing.
  8. Offer dedicated customer support via phone, chat, social media, and ensure you can reply to customers instantly and easily.
  9. Route enquiries to the best customer support agent to delight your customers.

Do it all with maaiiconnect. Prepare for the holiday season rush ever – now! Sign up for maaiiconnect and be ready in minutes. It’s free!