maaiiconnect LITE plan

Say hello to maaiiconnect’s most flexible plan – maaiiconnect LITE. Kick start your online sales by making the most of maaiiconnect’s web based features with no strings attached.

While each plan offers its own set of features tailored to organisations of different industries and sizes, the LITE Plan is built for e-commerce retailers, start-ups, and small teams to tackle the many challenges faced in today’s fast moving and highly competitive market.

maaiiconnect LITE: Optimise your business engagement with smarter tech for every day web communication that empowers teams to drive result-focused customer experiences

We know that a lot of small teams, or organisations with less than 20 staff, often operate successful businesses due to staff being really high-performers. These high-performing staff put in the work to get the job done, whether its extra hours, constantly coming up with new ideas, or pushing really hard for results. It’s often easy to think “if I just get one more person like her, or someone to take some of the workload off from him, then staff will be even more motivated and supported!”. But more often than not, it’s hard to justify extra headcounts to support the team.

Could your high performing team be more supported by the right technology instead?

maaiiconnect LITE is a superhero for SMEs – as a complete business engagement solution for customer engagement and multimedia team collaboration. All of your staff to staff communication, and all of your customer communication, in one place – designed to drive result-focused customer experiences.

Smarter customer engagement with higher satisfaction rates

Widen the funnel to get more visitors through your sales pipeline to become happy and loyal customers – by creating result-focused customer experiences. Your team will be supported by maaiiconnect’s smart technology to help tackle the bottlenecks head on, so they can focus more time on providing outstanding customer service and strategies for future projects and more growth.

Research shows that 53% of customers abandon their online purchases if they can’t find quick answers to their questions. With LITE, you can add the maaiiconnect web widget to your web site – even just the presence of the live chat option gives 79% of visitors more confidence to purchase, therefore widening the funnel for more purchases and a larger customer base.

Different to the free ESSENTIALS Plan, with maaiiconnect LITE you can set up optimal smart routing. With these settings configured well, staff can process customer enquiries more efficiently, provide better customer service with higher consistency, and increase the overall productivity of any team.

Utilise the dynamic directory feature to display options on the widget to visitors based on the web page they are visiting, their location, language, or the time of day. If you notice specific questions coming in from certain locations, or lots of visitors dropping off on certain pages of your web site, then customise the widget tags to display the best information or staff to support them.

Increase your ROI for new purchase acquisition with customer loyalty and retention

Loyal customers bring more sales and profit than new customers. Given the costs associated with converting new customers, inspiring purchase from loyal ones brings a stronger return on investment. A recent survey found that 86% of customers are willing to continue their customer relationship with a brand if they can develop an emotional connection with a customer service agent. maaiiconnect web calls and chat adds that crucial human touch to your online customer service. Instead of talking to a chat bot or filling out boring contact forms, your site visitors can get in touch with a human agent instantly.

On maaiiconnect, enable Sticky Routing so that returning customers can be connected to the same agent every time to facilitate a stronger customer relationship. You can also provide more consistent and personalised services to your customers, as all their information is stored and integrated with the maaiiconnect dashboard – available at each point of contact for the agent to access.

What are the differences between the LITE Plan vs the free ESSENTIALS Plan?

The free ESSENTAILS Plan is a great place to start your maaiiconnect journey, which includes a total of 5,000 minutes for incoming and outgoing calls, shared by a maximum of 3 staff members. The LITE Plan includes all of the same web-based features (web widget for chat and calls, 1-1 video calls, screen sharing, QR code calls and chat, web link calls and chat, call controls, file sharing, group chats, chat transfer, multi-domain support, corporate tags, staff directories, pre-chat forms, reports and insights, visitor identity, security controls, and more) plus you can customise the widget with your own display icon and in-call video advertising, as well as leverage more of the smart routing features.

With the LITE Plan you can get started with only 1 staff licence, and a simple 1-month subscription. The LITE Plan is also highly scalable and well-suited for bigger teams too – you can contact a maaiiconnect expert at any time to add more agents or upgrade the account to another plan via our 24/7 customer service line.

Is LITE the right plan for you?

The LITE Plan is perfect for ecommerce or start-up teams that want to focus their resources on their online touchpoints, and don’t want to over-spend their budget or over-commit on a communications solution. It enables a smaller team or even a one-man band to handle all kinds of online enquires and communications, which would normally require a much bigger team and multiple software solutions, significantly enhancing the capabilities and competitiveness of a small and agile team.

If you need a cost-effective online call and chat solution for your online business, then the LITE Plan would be the perfect solution for you. Contact our Sales and get started now!