How to use virtual numbers

How to use virtual numbers? maaiiconnect is a versatile customer engagement solution that combines a wide range of communication tools that empower businesses to achieve their marketing goals. Virtual Numbers are a key tool, they free you from the limitations of traditional phone lines, allowing you to make calls on virtually any device!

You can easily establish your local presence through the use of virtual numbers, and you can also enjoy greater flexibility in terms of who, when, and how to make and receive calls.

But maaiiconnect is so much more than just a virtual number platform

There are a lot of companies offering virtual numbers – but with maaiiconnect, there are many more ways of how to use virtual numbers – because you get a full communication suite – further enhancing the entire capability of virtual numbers and unlocking even more growth.

How to use virtual numbers? First step – purchase one

Before we tell you how to use virtual numbers in omnichannel marketing, we’ll show you how to purchase them. Simply contact the maaiiconnect Sales Team at [email protected] to purchase your desired virtual numbers, including International Toll Free Numbers (ITFS) and local Direct Inward Dialling (DID) numbers. After that, you can easily access your virtual numbers on your maaiiconnect dashboard. Go to Channels > Numbers > Virtual Numbers to check the details of your purchased numbers.

Utilise Smart Calling for a successful outbound call campaign

Outbound call campaigns are another way to kick start your sales momentum and find more qualified leads. It allows agents to communicate with potential customers directly and establish rapport in the process. People are generally more attentive in live conversations than through email or text messaging, and agents also enjoy the flexibility to adjust their pitch according to the situation.

A typical outbound call campaign may involve hundreds of call centre agents making thousands of calls, which frankly can be difficult to keep track of. That is why you need an outbound call campaign solution to automate the dialling process and monitor your progress. maaiiconnect’s Smart Calling has an auto-dialler feature that helps you connect with your target customers quickly and efficiently. With Smart Calling, you can easily go through a long list of calls, and don’t have to worry about dialling the wrong number. Agents can instead focus on their conversation and bring a better customer experience to every call.

How to create a Smart Call task?

How to create a Smart Call task?

To begin with, you first need to create a new Smart Call task for your campaign. From your dashboard, go to Campaigns > Smart Calling then click on the Create Task button on the top-right corner of the page. A Create Call Task window will appear, which allow you to enter the Task Name, pick a Caller ID, and upload a custom call list (in CSV or XLSX format).

To compile a call list, download the sample CSV or XLSX file and input your own list of phone numbers. Remember to delete the provided sample before you input anything. The Mobile phone number column is mandatory and you must follow the following format: country code + area code + phone number. You can also include the customer’s first name, last name and email in the list as well. Upload the completed list to maaiiconnect and click Create, if there is any error in your list, the system will automatically generate an error report for you. Otherwise your Call Task is ready to roll! You can immediately start calling or resume the task later on your Smart Calling task list.

Manage all your Smart Call tasks in one place

maaiiconnect adds another layer of visibility to your call campaigns. You can check the details and status of each task, resume or pause a scheduled task, download the call lists, or view the Call Reports, all on the maaiiconnect Smart Calling page. You can pause an on-going Call Task for a break and resume it later, download a Failed Calls list from another Call Task and retry the numbers, or go into each report and check the call success rate of each task.

Build stronger customer relationships with maaiiconnect Engagement Mode

Engagement Mode allows agents to choose a virtual phone number as their Caller ID for outbound calls, and the system automatically creates an Engagement Binding between the agent and customer. When the customer calls back using their number, they will be routed to the same agent who called the customer in the first place. This offers several advantages.

First of all, your agent is already acquainted to the customer, and is more likely to gain their trust. Secondly, routing a call directly to the responsible agent can speed up the call process, leading to a more efficient and enjoyable customer service experience. Thirdly, Engagement Mode can serve as a lead qualifier. You can have your dedicated sales representatives (with Engagement Mode enable) taking care of the outbound calls and customer call-backs, while another team of customer service agents focuses on answering general enquiries.

How to enable Engagement Mode

How to enable Engagement Mode

Enabling Engagement Mode in maaiiconnect is really simple. Go to Channels > Numbers > Virtual Numbers, at the end of each role you can find a drop-down menu with the Virtual Number Details option. Enter the details page and click edit to change your Engagement Mode settings. Don’t forget to press save when you are done configuring everything.

How to enable Engagement Mode 2
How to enable Engagement Mode 3

Leverage the Lightweight CRM on maaiiconnect to make warm calls

maaiiconnect can also be used for precision marketing calls. The integrated CRM in maaiiconnect allows you to easily consolidate customer information and store them safely on the cloud server. Such information can help you identify high value customers and subsequently initiate a warm call to convert potential buyers or up-sale your loyal customers.

maaiiconnect can automatically collect information from enquiring customers (such as their phone number, location and language), but you can also enable a customisable Pre-Chat Form or Offline Support Form on your maaiiconnect Widget to collect even more information. Go to Administration > Visitor Forms, choose between a Pre-Chat Form and an Offline Support Form, toggle the button to enable it, then customise the form according to your needs. A preview version of the form is displayed on the right side of the page.

Lightweight CRM on maaiiconnect

Tracking and reporting on all maaiiconnect channels

Doing marketing campaigns without tracking and reporting is like driving a car blindfolded. That’s why maaiiconnect also offers all-rounded reports to help you get a good grasp of what is going on every channel available on maaiiconnect. Want to check the of your outbound call or SMS campaigns? Simply go into the Reports section, choose a report type, set the filter rules and get instant analytics from maaiiconnect. You can also go into Detail Reports to check each individual activity, or download the report for other uses.

Tracking and reporting

The new age of omnichannel marketing starts with maaiiconnect

A recent study showed that the purchase rate of omnichannel campaigns (using 3 or more channels) is 287% higher than single-channel campaigns.

2020 has been a game changing year for many businesses, especially those in the consumer market. COVID-19 forced businesses to adapt to a new marketing norm. Brick and mortar shops are no longer the king of retail and online shops have quickly gained popularity, and not just with the Generation Z and millennials, but with the baby boomer generation as well. Many shoppers affected by the global pandemic has learned to rely on multiple online and offline channels for product information and purchasing. Omnichannel has become the new norm in the consumer market, and sellers need to optimise their omnichannel customer experience across all online and offline touchpoints in order to capture every sales opportunity and build stronger customer relationships.

Many businesses are looking to purchase a virtual number to breach the communication gaps in their customer experience, but not every knows how to use virtual numbers effectively.

Not all virtual number solutions are built to offer an omnichannel experience. Instead of adding scattered components into your communication pipelines, maaiiconnect as an omnichannel customer engagement platform combines different feature sets into a tightly knitted package, so you can accurately target your customers and meet their high expectations with an all-in-one and highly-customisable business communication solution. Contact the maaiiconnect Sales Team at [email protected] to learn more about their virtual number packages and other offers.