An accurate contact list can be a goldmine for your business, leading to more sales from new and returning customers. Every marketing team understands the importance of managing an up-to-date customer contact list, but the elephant in the room is how to synchronise all the information and integrate them into your daily operations effectively.

There are many contact management tools available on the market now, but you should avoid unsecure platforms that put you in risk of leaking customer information, or those lacking full integration with your communication tools. Instead of juggling several software at work, a better solution would be to use an all-in-one customer engagement solution such as maaiiconnect, which has a lightweight version of all the essential contact management features baked-in. In this article, we will look into the maaiiconnect Contact Management features, and explore how you can use your customer contacts in conjunction with the powerful communication channels offered by maaiiconnect.

How to add External Contacts?

Go to Contact Management > External Contacts and click Create Contact (top right corner of the screen) to open the Create Contact tab. You can choose a contact type and enter basic information such as name, mobile and email on the tab. Click More Details to open a new page where you can edit the personal information, address and Social Media account. After you enter all the information, click Create to save the details.

If you want to create multiple contacts in one go, you can also Click Import (next to the Create Contact button) to import account information in bulk. You can download a CSV file template on the pop-up tab. Open the template on Excel or other supported software, delete the example provide, and enter the customer details. After that, simply upload the CSV file to import all the contacts! maaiiconnect can auto-detect any error in your CSV file and provide an error log for you. Please download the ErrorDetail.csv file and correct the errors accordingly. Each maaiiconnect service account can store up to 10,000 contacts.

Manage all of your contacts on one dashboard

maaiiconnect provides a light but useful range of contact management features that are quick and simple to use. You can view all of your existing contacts in the External Contacts page. The list will display the name, email, mobile number, contact type and ownership of each contact. You can enter a customer’s name in the search bar above the contact list to find their contact. You can also click on the drop-down menu button at the end of each contact role to View Contact, Share Contact, Transfer Ownership, or Delete Contact. Since all information is stored on a cloud system, all contacts are synchronised across the company. Agents can share customer information securely, and when someone is leaving the company, they can easily transfer contact ownership to another agent.

Use Case: Marvell Toys

Tony sells the latest and hottest action figures on his popular online shop: Marvell Toys. He has a long list of loyal customers who regularly purchase new figures through his shop, and as his contact list gradually grows, he found it increasingly hard to keep track of his contacts and enquiry messages on conventional communication tools.

Tony’s personal assistant Pepper saw his predicament and recommended maaiiconnect, an all-in-one cloud communications solution that can solve all of his hassles at once. Marvell Toys serves local as well as international customers and they want to use SMS for order confirmation – so they chose the maaiiconnect PRO Plan to unlock the telecom features.

A PRO Plan account was quickly created for Marvell Toys, and Tony immediately started building his contact list on maaiiconnect. He copied all of the existing customer’s information into the CSV template file and instantly uploaded a thousand customer contacts to the platform. Now that every customer’s name, phone number, email, social media account, and even time zone and location are saved and synchronised on maaiiconnect, Tony and Pepper can reach out to any customer, any time they want!

Sending bulk SMS to customers

A new batch of toy figures has arrived and Tony wants to make sure his fans are aware. He decided to set up an SMS Dynamic Campaign to promote his latest merchandise. First he opened a new campaign, selected all external contacts as recipient, and added the First Name and Last Name variables in the text to create a personalised SMS for every customer. Tony had created SMS campaigns before and while the open rate was very high, it was hard to measure the success of the campaign. With maaiiconnect, he inserted a unique Web Link so that customers could click directly to start a chat with his sales team and place an order. They could even send more photos of the figures and their packaging in the chat, or convert the chat to video call to show the figures close up – creating far more powerful and engaging experiences than ever before. The new figures were a hit, with dozens of orders place via chat within the first hour!

Full context for all communications

One day Tony received an enquiry via the live chat widget about a faulty action figure. Tony entered the chat and saw their past chat history from Facebook Messenger as well as his latest action figure order via web link in the SMS campaign. Thankful for the information, Tony was able to have full context of the relationship of this customer with his store through all of the chat history before he replies. As this is a VIP customer, Tony decided to call him personally, and quickly dialled his number from his customer profile – calling from the Marvell Toys virtual number. Crisis adverted, and Tony was able to add value to his relationship with the customer – even through a crisis.

Are you looking for a better way to stay in touch with your customers and build stronger customer relationships? maaiiconnect helps you manage all your External Contact so you can focus on building your business. Get started with the free ESSENTIALS Plan or contact our sales to learn more about the paid plans!