We are living in an unprecedented world where people are digitally connected – everyone is a reporter or a source for leads for your next big story. With maaiiconnect, your news and media platform gives unparalleled access to quality leads, stories, and content in real-time without compromising your trust with the public.

Let’s paint a picture.

Tom is out for his morning run when he sees a real-life dinosaur grazing in a nearby field. He quickly visits his local news website, and opens the maaiiconnect widget – clicking on the “send us a tip” tag. Rita, an editor, answers the call and swaps to video, with recording activated, saving real-time footage of the dinosaur in the cloud.

As the dinosaur moves on, other witnesses start sending in tips, photos and videos through WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, live chat, SMS, and calling through the toll-free hotline. With one unified platform, Rita can easily search using keywords of the dinosaur sighting in maaiiconnect – instead of rummaging through hundreds of chats and call records across all the channels – no more lost or forgotten evidence.

Since every tip sent to Rita is stored in a chatroom for the individual witness, it guarantees privacy, accurate record keeping, and easy follow-up. This protects the news media platform from liabilities, and offers an easy and cost effective way to get permission from witnesses and store it along with evidence sent through – such as chats, images, files, call logs and video recordings.

Bridging the Print / Digital divide with fast, efficient communication

Rita knows the article will go viral – so she plans to release a series of posts everyday about the dinosaur, using public sightings to track the dinosaurs’ movements and actions. To encourage the public to send their sightings, she leveraged maaiiconnect’s streamlined tools:

  • QR codes for print edition
  • Web links for digital edition

Now with 1 click or scan, readers can instantly call or chat with the assigned team.

During each call, Rita’s team is able to see information about the caller, such as location. This not only helps them understand where the dinosaur was now – but to filter out spam calls from areas it couldn’t possibly be. In this case, they could set up block lists of spam callers.

News is only getting more instant. Tap into unlimited sources with maaiiconnect in 2021

The traditional methods for gathering news cannot meet the evolving demands of news consumption. With maaiiconnect, your news and media organisation can tap every channel and optimise –

  • All staff to staff communication (such as journalists, editors, research analysts)
  • All witness/source to individual staff communication (even on channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger)
  • All witness/source to hotline/general tip line communication (such as toll-free hotlines, local numbers, online hotlines)