Singles day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years are just around the corner. But don’t let the busiest time of year hold you back from unlocking huge potential.

Give your business a gift. maaiiconnect has everything you need to manage the mad rush of enquiries and shoppers during the festive season, and is easy to use and quick to set up. Reach out to potential customers or online “window shoppers”, engage them with rich multimedia experiences, and convert new leads quickly to reach your year-end target for a tumultuous 2020. Best yet – maaiiconnect is flexible and scalable, to grow with your business needs and challenges over the long term, not just the festive season.

Unwrap new opportunities with maaiiconnect

High engagement marketing online and offline

Reach out to customers anywhere in the world to promote special deals and offers. maaiiconnect’s campaign manager for SMS is not only reliable, but very affordable. Enhance your marketing materials such as EDMs, posters, or packaging with unique features to keep the conversation going with customers online and offline.

SMS campaign manager

Write an SMS to promote special deals and festive treats in seconds, upload your phone number database, click send – and watch the traffic come through. SMS campaigns see open rates of 98% as customers instinctively click the pop up notification – beating all other forms of marketing in terms of engagement rate.

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Web links

With EDM engagement rates lowering at a consistent pace over the years, maaiiconnect’s web links for call and chat have helped marketers add new levels of engagement back to online marketing.

Web links are a fantastic feature to enable customers to click and instantly call or chat with an agent to place an order or make an enquiry. Made via data/WiFi connections, web links reduce global obstacles to purchase as a cost effective and instant solution.

Customers love them because they don’t need to open another app to make an order after viewing an advertisement such as SMS, EDM, Social Media ad, or Web site pop up, and because they help smooth the purchase process by reducing the number of overall steps.  

QR codes

While not a new technique, QR codes have become so much easier to scan via a phone camera (just open the camera and instantly scan vs the few extra steps it took a couple years ago). With maaiiconnect’s QR codes for call and chat, customers can get in touch with an agent with just a simple scan, rather than dialling a number. Perfect for offline promotions such as booklets or flyers, or even product packaging, a QR code brings customer service offline and bridges the digital divide.

Learn more about QR codes for call and chat

Smart calling

Spread the festive cheer from ear to ear. Activate Smart Caller – and let maaiiconnect autodial the numbers on your database for agents to get through their target list as fast and efficient as possible.

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Smart greeting

Reach out to customers when they land on your site with a smart greeting to push the latest offers and deals. Customers can then open the live chat widget, and browse the customised tag directory to make an order or enquiry that will connect to the best agent to help them.

Juggle omnichannel enquiries easier

Gone are the days of checking multiple apps and devices to handle customer enquiries – bring them all together with one dashboard on maaiiconnect. Set up smart routing to get enquiries to the right person, and access reports and insights for comprehensive data across all the channels so you don’t need to piece everything together yourself.

Omnichannel messaging

Converge all of your telecom, digital, and social media channels together on maaiiconnect. Leverage video calling, file sharing, screen sharing and more rich multimedia engagement to convert leads to sales. Add live chat to your web site, get a virtual number, and even empower teams to collaborate faster with video conferences and group chats in the same interface to further improve customer support. Because great employee experience builds great customer experience.

Happy festive season from maaiiconnect – may the customers be with you!

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