Screen sharing has always been an integral part of modern enterprise communication. From product demonstration, training and onboarding, to troubleshooting, it helps enhance team collaboration and productivity primarily because it helps communicate important messages visually.

However for some companies, even if screen sharing is effective for internal teams, the quality standard of this feature may not be good enough to be used as part of their customer engagement. For one, these organisations may not have the proper infrastructure to support the feature’s technical requirements, and their customers may receive poor quality video screens that will surely affect their overall satisfaction. Meanwhile, for other companies with proprietary customer support platforms that don’t support screen sharing, getting another solution that has this feature not only means additional costs, it may also lead to their agents juggling too may tools and thus hampering their productivity instead of improving it.

maaiiconnect integrates screen sharing in its all-in-one customer engagement software

maaiiconnect’s screen sharing feature addresses these concerns. As an all-in-one customer engagement and internal collaboration platform, it integrates all the necessary tools and capabilities employees need to interact both with their customers and colleagues. To enable screen sharing, employees just need to switch from audio call to video call, and a click of a button allows any of the participants to share their respective screens. Backed by a carrier-grade, proprietary infrastructure, maiiconnect ensures best-in-class call quality. This provides companies confidence to deliver the best customer service anytime, anywhere.

For example, a company can install the maaiiconnect web widget in their website, and customise its Directory to include an option to request for a Demo. When a visitor goes to the company website and makes this inquiry, one of the company’s Business Representatives can quickly enable screen sharing to provide richer visual experience. The representative can also expound on specific details about the product, and answer questions from the customer.

Paint a better picture of what online customer service should be

People like to see things. About 65% of people are visual learners, and it has also been suggested that 50% remember images and visual information (compared to 10-20% of things they hear and read). In today’s globalised economy, this also means that beyond size and popularity, companies are now judged based on quality of their services and by what can be seen in their websites and other touch points.

A feature like screen sharing not only enhances online meetings with customers, it also elevates product demos and sales pitches, and aids in technical support. It makes sure that customers are on the same page as the company’s, and therefore improves the organisation’s credibility. With maaiiconnect, screen sharing not only empowers employees and fosters collaboration, it can also turn simple conversations with your customers into sales conversions.

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