It is often said that organisations are the shadow of their leader. But in the digital era, its a lot harder to instill safe browsing and cyber security habits in to the culture of an organisation. Luckily however, technology can do just that.

maaiiconnect offers a full package of organisation management tools that gives you more control over your company hierarchy, team structure, who can access what, and security settings. This article will go into the details of the maaiiconnect system, so admins like you can have a better understanding of how the system works. Please note that features may vary depending on your maaiiconnect plan.

What are Roles and Permissions?

The maaiiconnect staff management system revolves around staff Roles and Permissions. Each staff account has an assigned role, and each Role has a predetermined Data Access Level (access to changing settings on maaiiconnect, as well as different data such as reports and insights). The 4 default Roles are:


Data Access Level: Full

The Admin role has the highest Data Access Level and all the Permissions. They can view, edit, delete, download and approve all data, and manage other staff accounts in their company. This role is suited for top management who want to oversee everything, and IT staff who are responsible for maintaining the maaiiconnect system in your workplace. Admins also have access to see audit logs for changes staff have made to the system.


Data Access Level: Department

The Manager role can access all data within their team and all sub-teams under their department branch. This role is suited for managing staff who are responsible for leading multiple teams and need to access data from different teams regularly, but they cannot access the data from teams in other departments or up the company hierarchy.


Data Access Level: Team

The Leader role can only access the data within their own team. This role is suited for team leaders who are in charge of a smaller group of staff.


Data Access Level: Restricted

An Agent can only access the data in their own account. Most of the employees should have their Role set to Agent to ensure data security.

Configurable Permissions

Role & Permissions Page

Data Access scope for the default Roles cannot be changed, but you can create your own Custom Roles and edit the Permissions for that Role. This includes the Permissions to view, edit, delete, download and approve the data or settings in each category, including:

  • Permission Controls
  • Administration Permissions
  • Reporting and Monitoring
  • Communication
  • Campaign Permissions
  • Contact Permissions
  • Subscription Plan

If you want to create a Custom Role for an account, please navigate to Administration > Organisation > Roles and Permissions. Click Create Role in the Custom Roles tab, then enter a name and choose the appropriate Data Access Level for the Role. Next, you can edit the Permissions for the Role before adding it to your Role roster. You can come back to the Permission Controls page later to change or reset the settings.

How to manage your organisation structure?

Team Page

Your organisation structure dictates the data access scope of your staff members (especially for the Manager and Leader Roles), so it is important to properly configure it before you move on to create new accounts. Navigate to Administration > Organisation > Team, click the Add Sub-Team button, enter a name, and choose where it belongs in the company hierarchy.

All Teams are displayed under the Structure tab on the right, make sure your department branches are configured in the right order. Click on the Teams to show its Sub-Teams and staff members (all staff are in the company Team by default). You can also find Move to, Add Sub-Team, Rename, Add Staff Member(s) and Delete in the drop down menu (click on the 3 dots at the upper-right corner of the tab).

How to Create a New Staff Account?

Staff Management Page

After your organisation structure is set, you can start adding new staff accounts! Go to Contact Management > Staff Management and click Create New Account (top right corner of the screen). Once you are in the Create New Account page, you can enter all the necessary information and select a Role and Team for the account.

If you need to create a lot of accounts, you can also import account information in bulk. Click Import in the Staff Management page and download the CSV file template. Open the template on Excel or other supported software, delete the example provided, and enter your staff details accordingly. After that you can upload the CSV file to import all the staff accounts in one go!

Please note that the system will give you an error pop-up message if some of the staff information in your CSV file is causing a problem in the system. Please refer to the error log in the ErrorDetail.csv file and correct them accordingly.

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How to use the Staff Management tab to manage staff accounts?

Admins can easily manage all staff accounts on the Staff Management page. From left to right, you will find the following columns:

  • Staff Name
  • Email
  • Role
  • Team
  • Availability
  • Status
  • QR Code & Weblink
  • Drop-down menu button

Here you can check whether an agent is online or offline, toggle the Status button to suspend or reactivate an account, and find the QR Code and Web link for direct Chat or Call enquiry. You can also check the Staff Account Details, delete or logout a staff account (hidden in the drop-down menu).

How to manage your account security settings?

maaiiconnect also comes with a range of advanced security features to protect your company account and service data. Go to Administration > Security > User Authentication to access your staff account security settings. Here you can setup a Staff IP Login List so your agents can only log in when they are connected to a trusted IP address. You can also set a Staff Number Allowlist so your agents can only use the specified numbers as their personal caller IDs or SMS sender addresses.

Staff Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security feature that we recommend all users to turn on. Once enabled, your staff members will be required to use two-factor authentication to sign in maaiiconnect. Even in the event of a password leak, an outsider will not be able to log in, ensuring the safety of your accounts and data. You can also setup your Staff Password Policies to restrict reusing of passwords, set passwords to expire in a period of time, or auto-lock an account after too many failed login attempts.

These security settings are critical to the safety of your company account and you should have them properly configured the first time you login to maaiiconnect.

Use Case: Millennium Delivery Service Limited (MDSL)

Say hello to Millennium Delivery Service Limited (MDSL). At MDSL, Ray is an IT Specialist, responsible for managing their maaiiconnect company account. Ray is an Admin so that she can access all the data within the company and make changes to staff and company structure settings.

Mr. Vada is the Managing Director of the company, and he likes to take care of all three departments, so he was assigned the Manager Role. Laya and Han are department heads, and they are only responsible for their own Teams so are assigned as Leaders. The rest of the crew are all Agents by default. However, as Mr. Vada doesn’t think Operations Staff need Administration Permissions and Reporting and Monitoring features, he asked Ray to create a Custom Role called OPS Staff with those features disabled.

Ray placed Mr. Vada in the Management Team, and created 3 Sub-Teams under it: Sales, Operations and IT. Next, she added everyone to their respective Teams so they could access all the data and functions they needed. After all the settings were done, customer enquiries started coming in.

Luke the Sales Executive was happy that maaiiconnect saved him the trouble of juggling multiple software and platforms. He could finally access all customer information and answer enquiries from different communication channels on one dashboard. He could now track visitor activity and engage potential customers more effectively, boosting his sales to new heights.

Han the Operations Manager, was having trouble in coordinating all the Operations staff. Now with maaiiconnect, he could easily contact anyone in the company and share his digital documents in a secure channel. The galaxy is a big place, so seeing all the departments and teams from across their entire operations helped in creating smoother internal communication flows.

Ray was also happy with maaiiconnect. In the past she had to manage multiple company accounts for different software and platforms, live chat, collaboration software, cloud storage, SMS platform, contact management system… Now she only needed to manage one platform, making her job much easier.

Cyber-attack on the MDSL maaiiconnect account

With the help of maaiiconnect, business was growing fast in the company. Laya and Luke were receiving dozens of enquiries every day. Unfortunately, Luke accidentally clicked on a phishing link in an enquiry message. He was worried that his account would be compromised and immediately asked Ray for advice. Ray quickly assessed the situation and assured Luke that everything would be fine. Since they had enable 2FA for all accounts, it would be very difficult for an outsider to gain access to any of their accounts. Ray told Luke to reset his password, and added the suspicious visitor to the Blocklist to ensure they could never threaten them again.

Personnel changes in the company

After a few months of ongoing success, Han had decided to retire and let Chewie take his place. On the day of Han’s retirement, everyone was worried about the transition, except Ray. She knew she could easily suspend Han’s account, transfer all his ongoing enquiries to other staff, and change Chewie’s Role to Leader through the maaiiconnect Staff Management system. It was a sentimental day for everyone, but thankfully with the help of maaiiconnect, there was virtually no impact to the company’s daily operation. Ray had managed to save the day once again!

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