Making sure that your visual elements, brand values and messages are consistent on your website is important. In fact, ensuring a consistent presentation of your brand can increase your revenue up to 33 percent.

Your website is your virtual store front. No one likes to see a shop sign full of patches, and the same goes for your website. A well thought out and consistent website can help build trust and confidence in your customers, and in turn generate more sales and revenue. Having your visual elements and messages aligned in a consistent tone also helps promote your brand values and identity. Visuals and key messages take a huge part in shaping the brand perception in the minds of your customers, and any inconsistency can really stick out like a sore eye.

Are you looking to add an instant call and chat widget to engage customers on your website, but worry about getting the tiny bits and pieces in place? Worry not, because maaiiconnect has got you covered! Users can customise their widget’s design to match with their website and service! With maaiiconnect, you can enjoy all the flexibility you need to create the perfect widget experience, even without the knowledge on complex coding and web development.

Let’s take a closer look at the customisation options maaiiconnect has to offer. Read through the tips below and get started on optimising your website experience!

Tip 1: Choose a matching Master Colour

One of the most important visual elements is colour. Research found that using a signature color for branding can increase brand recognition by 80 percent. Colour has a very strong effect on people’s emotions, and you can completely change the look and feel of your website just by switching to another colour. For example, picking a bright and warm colour gives a more energetic character, while picking a lighter blueish colour gives a calmer feeling.

To match with your grand design, you can pick the perfect Master Colour for your maaiiconnect Widget using Hex code, RGB Code or the colour slider. Simply click on the Administration icon on your dashboard, then select Widget > Appearance, choose the language you want to customise, and select your Master Colour in the colour panel. Click on the “Save” button after you have selected your colour. Changing your widget design has never been easier!

Detailed instructions can be found here!

Tip 2: Upload a Widget Icon that reflects your brand identity

Your widget icon is always visible and you can customise it with any design that suits your brand. The widget will display the maaiiconnect logo by default, but you can upload a JPG or PNG to replace that. It’s located in the Appearance page where you changed the Master Colour, then click the “Upload” button to install your own widget icon. We recommend you use your company logo or mascot to reinforce your brand identity on your website. If you are looking for a clean and minimalistic design, you can also go for a simple phone or live chat icon, so your customers know what the widget is for at a glimpse.

Tip 3: Exploit in-call Video or Image Advertising to promote your products

Customers nowadays still use direct call to contact brands and companies, but it may take up to 30 seconds before your agents can pick up the call. Don’t keep your customer waiting and let these 30 seconds go to waste. Instead you can turn this prime real-estate into an eye-catching ad billboard by adding your own promotional video or image on maaiiconnect. In the Appearance page where you change the Master Colour and Widget Icon, you will also find the in-call Video / Image panel. You can upload your video (MP4 under 3MB) or image (JPG or PNG, 1280 x 720 pixels, under 500KB) and turn the maaiiconnect Widget into your own promo channel.

Tip 4: Enhance customer relationships with Smart Greeting Messages

If you want to actively encourage customers to interact with your widget, Smart Messages are the way to go! You can easily customise your greeting messages by going to Administration > Widget > Appearance, select a language, then click on the “Smart Greeting” tab. Toggle “Enable Smart Greeting in Widget” to turn on the feature, then you can customise your style, headline and message to fit your website.

A warm message can make a huge difference in the customer journey. Visitors greeted by a well-designed message will have a more positive perception towards your brand, therefore are more willing to engage with your representatives and make their purchase.

Read more instructions on Smart Greeting here.

Tip 5: Customise your Tag Directory for a more streamlined enquiry flow

The Tag Directory refers to the labels displayed when customers click on your widget. maaiiconnect allows you to customise your Tag Directory, so your customers can pick the most relevant tag for their enquiry. Go to Channels > Directory, then click “Create Tag” on the top right corner to add a new one. You can customise the icon, name and description for every tag so your customers knows exactly where to go with their enquiry. Customers can enjoy a more streamlined enquiry experience with less back and forth confusion across multiple call and chat sessions. You can even enable Sticky Routing so next time the customer calls they can be directly routed to the same agent.

Detailed instructions on Tag Directory can be found here.

Are you looking for ways to add a human touch to your website experience, but don’t want to deal with all the technical difficulties of creating your own solution from the ground up? Get started for FREE with maaiiconnect