How to compete and grow your business when customers are faced with so many choices? Delivering quality customer support and personalised service not only builds a competitive advantage that drives more purchases, but inspires loyal brand advocates.

maaiiconnect has rolled out new updates to help you deliver more personalised customer support so your business can stand out!

Be there when you’re needed
Support customers in record time for higher satisfaction rates with quality of service at scale:

  • Upload custom voicemail and call recording greetings that represent your branding and personality
  • Transfer calls to other staff who are better suited to help for instant and on-demand support

Omnichannel experiences – 1 customer, 1 conversation
Remove the risk of losing customers or communication records if your staff leave the company:

  • Automatically detect chats and calls from a single customer from different channels, and merge them into 1 chat room interface
  • Pick up an enquiry and see the full relationship history with a customer so any staff can continue the conversation
  • Filter merged chat rooms to see separate enquiry records for a customer

A new on-boarding experience
We’ve created some new tools to help you explore the world of maaiiconnect when you or your new users are getting started:

  • The “Get Started” panel will help new users explore their account
  • For Admins, there’s a new Help Menu with a step by step tutorial for advanced settings

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